Tuesday, August 17

3rd night of Ramadhan

Tazkirah by bro Ibrahim Danby after 4 rakaats of taraweeh. (converted to Islam in 1990s)

Topic: Planning for Ramadhan.

1. Do easy things.
Eg: Forgive somebody who has wronged you.
Eg: Say Subhanallahi wa bihamdih

2. Increase worship to Allah , with small things but continuously.

3. Make a dua list for Ramadhan, then we will never forget. Write it down.

4. Identify our objective, method and motivator for this Ramadhan.

Objective: I want to pray all sunnah prayer.
Method: will spend extra 5 minutes after each fardu prayer.
Motivator: Hadith no 38 from Matan arbai'n.

Objective: I want to finish reading the Quran
Method: will read 4.5 pages of Quran after prayer
Motivator: Quran will speak for me in the day of judgement, and 1 letter will be rewarded 10 ajr.

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