Saturday, May 7

Osama: And the best actor is...

The American plotted a drama for the whole world to watch. I pity those who dont understand the reality behind these fictional stories made up by the bloody liars.

At first, they staged the WTC collapse. Until this very moment, nobody really knows who was the mastermind behind the terorrist attack.

And then they created the character of 'Osama'. This man named Osama might be true and alife before as we do, but the character itself is made up just for the sake of the saga.

And then afterwards, they directed the blame and stigma on bearded men and hijabi women (read: Muslims). They then use this to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Although thousands have been killed and ousted, but the WMD is still nowhere to be found.

And then came the recent event that shook the world to some extend - Osama was killed. They assasinated their 'Osama' character. Does this mean that this is the end of the story? Has the game ended?

Not quite, yet. They now has created the impression the ideology still persists. The bearded and hijabi people continued to be stimatised and target of oppression. And all this, on top of the 'illness' amidst the Muslims (disunity, laziness, weak faith) , continue to weaken the ummah.

And i'm not saying that they arent any terrorist attacks committed by any man whose religion coincidentally is Muslim, but why must be related to a religion in any way? I still remember a news in 2008 - about a father who imprisoned his daughter and fathered a hidden incestuous family with her for an astonishingly 24 years - and naturally nobody put the blame on his religion, or his nationality. His hedious crime was his own personal fault and the same argument goes with all these terror crime. So why do we act unanturally when that person came out as a Muslim.

We Muslims comdemn vehemently all the terror crime, killings and unjustified wars, including the blatant agression by the US leadership.

And at the end of the day, it is the Israelis who is the real terrorist,and nobody seems to give a damn care about it.

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