Sunday, July 15

Surau Highway PLUS

I had at least 4 trips to KL in the past 3 weeks, and each time I made a stop at my regular R&R along the PLUS highway, this is my regular view:

Why do some of us choose to pray alone instead of practicing congregational prayer lead by one imam? Is the answer “we do not know”, or “we don’t care”?

Don’t be like this my friend. Congregational (al-jamaa’ah) salaah is a duty except for those who have a valid excuse according to the sharia’h. Even when we are on a journey, Muslims are must seek ways and means to do their prayer together. But think about it! We’ll gain more rewards from Allah with jamaa’ah prayer. Isn’t receiving €27 instead of just €1 for doing a job is a good enough reason for us to do the job properly?

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

Whoever hears the call (al-adhaan) and thereafter does not answer it (i.e. attend the congregational salaah) there is no salaah for him except for a valid excuse.

(reported by Ibn Majjah)

So, let us adhere to jamaa’ah prayer.

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