Thursday, January 29

Let me introduce you...

Come and join me to learn some of the basic stuff from the Greenfield Kitchen....
Bunga Kantan = Wild Ginger Bud
Well known for its powerful smells for laksa. (what is laksa in English?)
Pucuk paku = Paku Shoots...or Nail Shoots
Yum..yum...yum...alhamdulillah, these shoots are fantastically mouth watering.
Lengkuas = Galangal
Remember, it differs from Ginger (halia) and Kunyit (Tumeric). Can anyone tell me the differences?
This is Lemon Grass, known as Serai
Wow...delicious with tom yam and nasi goreng kicap.
Tempe... a Jawanese delicacy, known as Fermented Beancurd
Daun pandan is Screwpine leaves.
Belacan is Dried Shrimp Paste
Not suitable for all people..
Cili Api is not Fire Chillies..but rather known as Bird's Eye Chillies

Subhanallah, very interesting. One last question is, do know how to translate this;

Aha...dare to take the challenge?


Jpah said...

fat cooked with bird's eye chillies and nail shoot?


ctk said...

haha..good effort i shud say..and now i know daun pandan=screwpine leaf..ah rindu nye kat fermented beancurd..
coconut milk+nail shoot+bird's eye chillies=oishi!

MahFuzaH said...

nak try..


nail shoots-bird's eyed chillies creamy soup...


mushana udon mustafa said...

nail shoots in bird's eye chilli flavoured coconut milk *kuah... ape kuah? cream? soup?*

ko tak suruh translate kuah. so kira legal la challenge aku nih.

hadiah ape?

daNN said...

cili api is not fire chilli. haha! how can there be 'laksa' in english? can we even trust the english in englishifying a word? they call myanmar 'burma' but the 'burmese' is just one race the english happened to encounter there. So, fish n chips is not ikan dan kentang and algebra is not al-jabbar.haha!

daNN said...

gravy can be kuah. but its not accurate. different images show up in the mind when u say 'kuah' and when u say 'gravy'. to be translated, the same image needs to appear. maybe its cos we're from different cultures. the english have lots of words for different forms of snow. malay only has 'salji'. we have 'kuah' and they dont. not everything can be translated. gravy to kuah is being lost in translation.