Thursday, June 7

Comparative Religion

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Ijam and Almie at the discussion

Another geart success! Yesterday, Ijam, Almie (our special guest from Bristol) and I went to a Christianity-Islam discussion in Portland Building.We had been looking forward for this event as we believe this is our chance to know and understand more about Christianity and at the same time to deepen our knowledge and understanding on Islam. Mr Matt was the guest speaker representing the Christian Union, whilst Sister Romaissa, a final year pharmacy student talked on behalf of the Muslims.

Basically, the main topic was about the creation of Adam, as the first human being. The talk started at 1930 and last for about 30 minutes, swiftly followed by small group discussion until 2130.

A big thank you to both, the Christian Union and the Islamic Society, who did an excellent job in enhancing mutual understanding between this two most dominant religion in the world. Credit also goes to Allahyarham Mr Deedat, who was and still is, a great teacher on mine. He did taught me a lot via his great debates.

All in all a great day was had, and we would like to thank all who has made this discussion a reality, especially Matt, Eden, Muaz, Ikhwan, and Johnny (our table mate), for giving us the opportunity to be part of something special, something so meaningful, that will remember forever for it did strengthen our faith in the One and Only God, Allah. May Allah Accept our good deeds on Yaumul Qiamah, inshaAllah.

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Brother Muaz (standing), Firdaus and Almie


muzzie udon said...

ni la dia, tak ajak aku. blah aa...

cite sket pasal contents. jgn kupik.

kupik: kedekut dlm bahasa kelantan.

Anonymous said...

perghhh bagus lah korang. i'm happy my frens like this in overseas. cool =)