Sunday, June 10

Wafa Relief
While I was having my lunch today, suddenly I remembered that last Friday, after the Friday prayer in the Portland prayer room, the main place in which students perform their prayers, there was one man who went to publicise about Wafa Relief.

Basically, it is charity body established in Manchester since 2003, whose primary focus is to help relief the suffering of the destitute communities in Africa. This is where the poorest of the poor live.

Their annual projects include Ramadhan appeal, Eid ul-Adha appeal and emergency relief wherever a crisis erupts. Their humanitarian aids in time of crisis are endless.

For the time being, Wafa's area of operation covers Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Northern Africa, Somalia and Sierra Leone, and they are planning to extend their field of work to include other African countries.

The good thing about Wafa Relief is that they work through equitable partnership with other charitable body, thus this will ensure a more effective assistance for the places which require immediate aid. For further info, feel free to visit them.

So, after this, to you who have read this, please have confidence with Wafa Relief and do not hesitate in donating to those who are really in need!! We've nothing to lose, as this will be our share in the Hereafter, after we die.


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