Tuesday, June 19

Babar Ahmad's story

Today is a new Tuesday for me. Yesterday was Monday, the day I got my throbbing-heart-reliever result, and today I'll be visiting Abang Bahar the 2nd, whom I first met last week while shopping a few days ago.

Babar's father Ashfaq Ahmad campaigns for his son's freedom

This means that it has been exactly a week since this happened last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday, FOSIS condemned the decision by the House of Lords which has allowed for the extradition of Babar Ahmad to the United States.

Who is this guy named Babar Ahmad? Babar Ahmad is a British citizen who was born in London in 1974. He grew up and went to school in South London. He is a computer expert who no still lives in Tooting, south London. In December 2003 Babar was arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. He is being accused of running websites supporting terror and of urging Muslims to fight a holy war.
But now, the UK is sending him to the US for the judgement to be held there, in the US. This is the statement released by FOSIS;

“The decision by the House of Lords is incredibly disappointing. The fact that a British Citizen can be extradited to the United States without a single piece of evidence being brought against him is shocking. If Babar Ahmad is suspected of any criminal activity then evidence should be brought forward and as a British citizen he should be tried within the legal system of the United Kingdom.”

To know more about his story and news, log on to FREE Babar Ahmad

1. These are what the Parliament in the UK consist of. The House of Lords is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is also commonly referred to as "the Lords". So, The Sovereign (the Queen!), the House of Commons (which is the lower house of Parliament and referred to as "the Commons"), and the Lords together comprise the Parliament.

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