Monday, June 18

Nahr al-Bared

Can you see where is Nahr Al-Bareed?

It has been a busy and hectic week for me and my colleagues. We are busy packing, moving out and wrapping souvenirs for our families and friends back home in Malaysia.

Before it become lost from my mind, I'd like to share another fund-raising that were made after the Friday prayer last week. This time, another brother from the famous Human Appeal International made a reminder that the post war Lebanon is still in crisis. Urgent donations are required from all regardless Muslims or non-Muslims. I still remember that he keep on repeating while holding the donation bucket -"Do not hesitate in helping our brothers". It doesn't really matter whether we differ in political point of view, of whether we believe in different faith, but extending our hand for help and aware of other's predicament must always happen.

For us to fathom the real situation, here is a basic fact for us to ponder upon ;

Did you know that over 40,000 Palestinian refugees have fled from the Nahr Al-Bareed refugee camp?

To understand this fact better, we must first know what is Nahr Al-Bareed. Literally in Arabic, it means Cold River. It is a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, near the port city of Tripoli. Some 30,000 displaced Palestinians and their descendants live at the camp, which was named after the river that runs south of the camp. Can you imagine how far have they traveled from Palestine?? And currently, due to the war, these people who have already lost their home, had to fled away because the camp became a centre of fighting in May 2007.

Now they are desperate. They need urgent emergency relief of food, water, medical aid, temporary shelter, mattresses and baby milk! And at the same time, thousands more are still trapped in their homes.

According to Human Appeal International (HAI), they had allocated more than GBP 100,000 (thats about RM 700,000!!) for emergency relief for the current crisis.

So, don't think twice. click here to know more from HAI.

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