Sunday, May 3

too many cooks spoil the soup

I recall the day I learn the idiom ''too many cooks spoil the soup'' when I had Ms Lee Lye Im as my English teacher when I was 9. It means that where there are too many people trying to do something, they usually make a mess of it. Mankind need leaders in their life, let it be in a family, community or a nation, but one is enough. Why is that so? Because too many cooks spoil the soup!

Apparently, that was the only English idiom that I remembered the best until I went to SMAP Labu for my secondary school.

Then I still remember My English teacher when I was 13, Pn Marina who taught us the meaning of the phrase ''mind your head'. I wrongly believed that it means do not misjudge a person form his big head. Actually it simply means watch your head because you might hit yourself on the ceiling or any horizontal bars. And now , I'm used to hear the phrase '' Mind the gap'' which is repeated as a reminder in London tubes.

Then I had Mrs Foord in my college when I was 18, who taught us the working definition for the word commute. She managed to explain clearly how that particular word was beautifully transformed into the word Komuter, the electric train system in Malaysia. and then only I knew why it was named as Komuter.

It seems that we keep on learning as we get olders..and the the process never stops as it is a life long process.

And to all teachers, Happy teacher's day.

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