Sunday, August 9

Muslim Overseas Camp video

The event first started in 2005, organised by Hazman Hadi's batch. I was just thinking that they must have gained a lot of rewards from Allah for initiating such a wonderful dan beneficial pre-departure program that will inshaAllah continue in years to come.

Congratulation from Taman Dunkirk Jaya


Anonymous said...

I think the pre-departure program had been going on for quite a while, it's just that back in my time it wasn't yet called MOC.

Alla kulli hal, Man sanna fil-islami sunnatan hasana. Insya Allah.

Mas Afzal

akmal.amri said...

betul2... masa MOC hari tu, ust malikie kata MOC tahun 2009 tu dah yang kali ke-8 kot..

nik nazmi pon ada sebut yang dia xboleh pegi pre departure batch die sebab ada program pnb. heh.