Monday, February 16

the Hopper-King

With all the party-hopping jokes circulating around the world (wow ^_^), we in Nottingham need to learn a good technique and approach to hop.

You need a lot of endurance and continuous practice in order to be a good hopper.

That's exactly why I bought this mini-trampoline from carboot in Colwick yesterday. For just a stunning GBP 5. It is cute and compact, and inshaAllah will be a grrrrreatt (emphasise added) source for a little exercise variety.

To all Malaysian Aduns and MPs, beware of us..hahaha..we will 'hop' higher...with style, reaching for the sky!

How many of you have ever hopped on one for a workout?

Come and join us!


Nak Hopper-King jugak said...

Salam alyk..

Selalu guna "the Hopper-King" mse PE class kat gym..sgt best..^_^

Bestnya kalau dpt beli satu..hoho

mahal tak bende ni kat Tanah Melayu ye?

Anonymous said...

sungguh unik cara anda memerli politik msia.

bujang tingkat atas said...

macam kenal je lawak nih.. heheh.. kna patent kan ni