Tuesday, February 17

Viva forever...

A13HYP Immunology Project vivas

Wednesday, 18th February 2009
Seminar Room 3 (Microbiology) MOL teaching Facility
Queens Medical Centre.

Candidates are advised to arrive at the venue 10 minutes early

1030 hrs Adam Benson
1050 hrs Puja A Chhaniyara
1110 hrs Muhammad Abdul Rahim
1130 hrs Tharani J Kamalathevan
1150 hrs Hana Kamran
1210 hrs Aidan Cohen
1330 hrs Nishil Modi
1350 hrs Cameron I Law
1410 hrs Ben Lewis
1430 hrs Joanna L Reid
1450 hrs Bhairavi Vivegananthan
1510 hrs Alexander J Keeley

Viva Duration : 20 minutes

Arrival: Please arrive at MOL Teaching Facility 10 minutes before the start of your
viva. On arrival, please wait quietly outside MOL SR3 until you are called
by the examiners.

Attendees: 2 internal examiners and External Examiner.
In attendance: Homebase coordinator.


udon said...

please wait quietly outside until you're called in.

best wishes.

liyana said...

gud luck....hehehe :)

'Aqilah said...

Oh good luck eh! Eh tapi dah lepas kan?